What do you do while your waiting for builds?

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It takes maybe 10-15 mins to build and deployment the project I'm currently working on. And that is with all the cool modern things like Docker and GitLab pipelines.

This still feels like ages while I'm waiting.

Sometimes I do super useful things like update Jira ticket's, plan testing, listen to a podcast or do some learning.

I'm looking for inspiration, what else do people do?

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I often browse dev.to, honestly. Sometimes it's hard for me to just use the site because of how invested I am as a founder/admin. But when builds are building, this is a good place to come poke around.

I try to have a workflow where I can move on to some other productive tasks while I'd otherwise be waiting around. Sometimes that is code review and keeping up with issues.

Speaking of which, I'm currently waiting for a build to finish. 😄


Pick your favorite subject and create a saved search/filter on Stack Overflow to show you recent, unanswered questions. Try to answer one. If you like Ruby/Rails you can use this one:



dev.to, or play smash/mario kart with another partners that are on build-wait time


10-15 minutes ? I would play foosball (if you have a table nearby obviously) or do push-ups/sit-ups...


I'm working from home so no table and no one to play with

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