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Creating a native Android app with Vue Native


Install npm install -g react-native-cli

Install npm install -g expo-cli

Install npm install -g vue-native-cli

npm install -g vue-native-cli
vue-native init <projectName> // Initializes crna project
vue-native init <projectName> --no-crna // Initializes react-native project
cd <project-name>
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Add or edit the android section of app.json

expo build:android


I'm sorry. This was going to be a more detailed post, but my mind's not in it. I promised a post, so here you go :(

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Gabe Kangas

This is the best post I've ever read.

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Rob Foraker

LoL, this is how I feel with every blog post I'm writing sober. Now get and keep me stoned, and I'll write a 1000 word paper no problem.

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can i give a hand with the writing?

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