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Drew Bragg
Drew Bragg

Posted on is presenting Hacktoberfest?!

I just saw the Hacktoberfest pre-lauch site and noticed that the DEV logo was there!

dev logo

This awesome! Congrats to Ben and the team!!

I can't wait for Hacktoberfest!

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ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Yep 🙂

All @peter 's initiative to make this happen.

jeremy profile image
Jeremy Schuurmans • Edited

I was overjoyed to see this as well. It's amazing how far this community has come since its inception.

johnpaulada profile image
John Paul Ada

AWESOOOOOOME. Can't wait to join this year. Last year I forgot to request for a shirt HAHAHA oh well

yechielk profile image
Yechiel Kalmenson

That's ok, this year's shirt looks waaay cooler! 😎

drbragg profile image
Drew Bragg

Fact! The logo is so awesome this year!

The logo from two years ago was pretty cool too but this years is great!

cdaracena profile image
Christian Aracena

Got a shirt last year !

joelvarty profile image
Joel Varty