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Thai Pangsakulyanont
Thai Pangsakulyanont

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Freshly-baked apps every midnight

I hate running commands to generate new projects because it is relatively cumbersome compared to jumping into an existing project.

Whenever I want to work on an existing project, I just jump right in and begin developing it, either on my local machine, or using many cloud-based development tool. Codespaces, Gitpod, CodeSandbox, etc. which can launch a development environment right from a GitHub repository.

On the other hand, when generating projects using a CLI, there is no repository to begin with. So I must start from my machine. Furthermore, I had to install dependencies twice — once for the project generator, and once more for the project itself.

So I created the Fresh App Factory which in turn creates self-updating project templates. Every midnight UTC, it runs popular project scaffolding commands and pushes the resulting project to GitHub repositories. All of this is powered by GitHub Actions.

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We produce freshly-baked apps every midnight


This repository generates various fresh apps every midnight (UTC time).


Instead of having to run a script to generate a new project each time, you can just fork the templates and begin coding.

  • Use Codespaces, Gitpod or CodeSandbox to work on the project right away.

  • Unlike many boilerplates, our fresh apps are regenerated daily, so you get up-to-date dependencies by the time you clone them.


Create React App

I initially experimented with this idea since late 2019, so you can take a look at how a freshly-generated React app's README file evolves over the years.






Further template projects may be added in the future. Check out

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