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Building applications using (PIC) progressive Incremental Change method.

The progressive incremental change method is a software development approach that entails constructing an application in tiny, incremental phases. This technique is a popular alternative to the traditional "big bang" process of building an application all at once and then deploying it in a single, massive update.

In a variety of ways, the progressive incremental change strategy outperforms the old approach. For starters, it allows developers to independently test each change, allowing them to identify and solve any flaws before they become big issues. Additionally, this technique enables developers to collect user feedback at each stage of development, which may help influence the application's direction and ensure that it meets their needs.

Another advantage of the progressive incremental change technique is that it enables developers to provide new features and upgrades to consumers on a more frequent basis. This can help keep users engaged and interested in the application while also assisting developers in gaining extra data on how users interact with the application, which can be used to improve future updates.


To use the progressive incremental change method, developers must first define the essential functionality of their application, without which the application would be useless, and then construct that core feature in a series of small, incremental stages. This can include breaking down the development process into smaller, more manageable portions, such as adding a new feature or upgrading an existing one.

Once the core functionality has been developed, the developers can proceed to add other features and upgrades to the application in a similar manner. Working with users to get feedback on the application and incorporate their suggestions into future upgrades is one example.

In general, the progressive incremental change strategy is a useful tool for developing apps. By breaking down the development process into simple, manageable chunks, developers may build applications more swiftly and effectively, while also keeping users engaged and satisfied.

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