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Learn PYTHON in ONE Week!

Want to learn one of the most powerful and trending programming language within one week.

Yes, you read it right you can learn Python within a week if you have dedication you can.
Just follow the below path.

Here is the path to learn Python in just 1 week.

So let's start with day by day.

DAY 01

Basic Concepts(3 hours)

Display Output(Print command)
Take user input(input command)
Conditionals statements

DAY 02

4 Basic Concepts(3 hours)

List(index, append, remove)
for loop
while loop

you can learn basics from here --
Python Basics

DAY 03

Simple coding problems(5hours)

Convert miles into Kilometers
Calculate Simple Interest
Find largest number in the list
Check a number is prime or not
Sum of all digits in a number
Reverse String (check palindrome)
Calculate age
Build a simple Calculator

DAY 04

Data Structures(3 hours)

Stack and Queue

you can learn DS from here --
Learn Data Structures

DAY 05

OOP(4 hours)

Method and Constructor

for this you can watch YouTube videos

DAY 06

Algorithm(4 hours)

Binary Search
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort

one of the best Algorithm course I came across--
Learn Algorithm

DAY 07

Projects(6 hours)

Build a web Crawler
or a news aggregator
or a simple game using pygame

Voila!! You made it you are now Junior Python developer.
So, that's it for now hope you find it useful.
Now its all depends on you how you give effort on it. Its not about learning in 1 week it's monthly or even yearly process but atleast you can start from here.
Best of luck!!

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Denis • Edited

Please, don't confuse new people, you won't become a junior developer if you complete only the stuff that you have listed. It is also impossible for a new programmer to complete the algorithm section in only 4 hours, it will take days, probably even for only one algorithm. Please, don't hurry, learn by steps, don't let yourself burn out that fast. (read this

er_saifullah profile image
SAIFULLAH🇮🇳 • Edited

Yes absolutely right. I just shown the path and it's all depends on person.

devencourt profile image
Brian Bethencourt

While this might be ideal, I bet that by the end of the eighth day you won't remember what you learned on the first.

er_saifullah profile image

Yes true, but I showed the path.

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Sahil Saif


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