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Making my product's roadmap interactive

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I am currently building a product company called flawk.to. I am really excited about the impact it will bring to an already vibrant community of conferences and meetups! I have always believed that to build a truly amazing product you have to do so with diversity. Diversity of opinion, diversity of skills what ever you can think of having a diverse group of people involved in product development will yield more meaningful results. Because of this I started streaming the development of the product to engage the extremely diverse internet community.

As I continue to develop flawk I will constantly be looking for different ways to get people engaged, even before we are officially launched. One of those ways I hope people can get behind is sharing our product roadmap - and making it interactive. I was inspired by Sahil Lavingia the creator of gumroad. He is currently making more and more of his business public including his financials and of course his roadmap. I thought this was a brilliant way to engage more people in the building of a product that is meant for them!

So I did the same. I published a public roadmap for Flawk in hopes that more people will be able to contribute to a product that I am building for them. I would really appreciate some feedback on this as well as on our roadmap! I did take it a little further, I made it so you can vote on features you like. That way we are bringing the features people care about to market first.

In the simplest terms Flawk is an alternative to meetup.com, but I believe it is going to be much more than that. We are building a community first platform which will help more people attend and get value from all live events.

If you know anyone who attends meetups/conferences or any live event pass our link along I would love to hear how we can help make their experiences better.

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Interesting product.. definitely timely. I like the idea of publishing the roadmap and asking the community to vote on features they want. However, being asked for an email just to keep voting seems weird - it's like being asked to give something to receive something in return, but what I get in return is more giving (my time and opinion). Kinda detracting from an otherwise engaging activity.


Fixed 😄 thank you again for the feedback!I really appreciate it.


Very true! Thank you so much for the feedback, I will remove it tonight 😄