Which Techie Are You?

Erika Heidi on February 14, 2020

Which techie are you? Tag yourself in the comments! The Dancing Queen / King - when the tune is right, you stand up for some sick moves. Singin... [Read Full]
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I am a childless man but am definitely The Mom here


HAHAH good one!!!! You must have a fun desk then.


The toys are my own πŸ™ƒ

And I’ve fallen behind on flipping this calendar. 🀨

Ben, may I selfishly have your GitHub toy pleaseπŸ₯Ί


You have a fur baby, that counts for like half credit πŸ˜‰


a childless man

I need to open with that more often.


I'm definitely a minimalist. I like to leave my desk like I "was never there". I found out that having a frugal work station makes me think more clear. Having a lot of stuff on the desk make me feel anxiety.


Same here, Man!
Too much visual noise puts me on a nerve!



Moi? I am the cat-{Lion-Tamer} and minimalist. I have a two-ring circus where I crack my whip to keep the two tails off my keyboard and the hair from building up around desk.

Maybe a bit of Librarian too.


Haha adorable!!! I'm envying you, been a cat hoarder in the past, it was fun although I couldn't use my printer (my cat would angrily punch it several times whenever it started pulling the paper to print)


I keep a brush on my desk otherwise it gets Out-Of-Control. ;)


Sometimes I think my cat gets Pissed too. "Why don't you play with me, bunkie!"


What a cutie! 😍😍😍

  1. The Snake Charmer - try as you might, you seem unable to reach a place where you have fewer than (what feels like) 100 cables (and you will defend every single cable present)

Snake Island


It's inevitable everytime I have ever organized cables, taking hours to do so, something needs changed the next day. Even if I have gone months without touching the spaghetti of wires before organizing.


Well if there would be similar stuff like a poll for males I would be.

combination of:

  • librarian
  • gamer/game dev
  • snakewhisperer
  • C/C++ minimalist
  • rubies collector
  • OCaml rider. :)

I'm a mix of 1 and 5.

Occasionally standing up and dancing to the right tune also helps against the back pain from sitting all the time, and I guess also helps with concentration, you know when you have stared at the screen all day and can't see the bug for the code or something like that.


I'm the Mom (technically Dad). The coffee may be cold, but is always present. Kid picture (check) although my kids are too young to have many creations. Working in an office I don't have kids' toys on my desk, but I do have my tech toys (dual stack monitors, mechanical keyboards, gaming mouse, Randall Monroe's What If?)


Definitely #3: I have proof! Audrey


Share pleaaaaaase!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


Added! (thanks for the great post)

😍😍😍 Adorable furballbaby 😻 thank you!


I'm 9. The Engineer with devices and components all about me (though organised) but mixed with 8 having books everywhere. For each book I read, I buy two more. And when most folks get hair on their tongue, for me, it's a resistor. How did that get in there!?


I'm 9.

For a second there, I thought you meant you're 9 years old.



Hah. Imagine that. In fact, I started coding when I was 9, and I was the "10. Floppy Disks filled with downloaded code everywhere" developer then.

Haha, that's a good one - I've been a "CDs everywhere" person in my teenage years 😜 I'm glad it's so much easier to share and keep data nowadays!


1 - Sometimes I take coding breaks purely because the song I'm listening to needs my full attention.

2 - When I'm not coding, I'm trying to improve on my drawing skills.

5 - When it comes to my work desk, I try to have only the essentials on it. True story: in one of my office jobs after I went home for the day, one of my colleagues was asked by someone in another department if I quit the company because my desk was spotless and had really nothing personal on it.

8 - I still like reading physical books and my room is full of bookshelves.


The minimalist for sure.

My desk is as clutter free as my desktop.
My shelf of coding books are as organized and neat as my project folders are.
I try to use IDE's that support a wide variety of languages so that I only install what is required and nothing more.
I even clean out my tower regularly to maximize air flow and temperature control.
My PC/Desk is akin a well oiled machine.


I would say I'm a little minimalist and the (yet unpublished) #11 Tech Hoarder.

Looking at my desk I see cables in a pile, a spudge (for prying things apart), SIM cards with adapters, memory cards, hard drives and USB sticks. 4 phones (all in varying states of charge), wireless KB/mouse (because Heaven knows I don't have space under my little riser shelf for more cables). At least my 2nd monitor is on an arm, lifted off the desk (which actually makes it easier to slide things underneath it - Ha!)

BTW How do you post images here (I haven't done this yet). I uploaded the image, but.... nothing happens o.O




I am number -0, the irrational unsleeper.

The emptied teacups, entire boxes of office snacks, fans, stained graph paper, and freeze packs belying the habits of the cerberus of the dark portals of the nether-internet, and his nigh-eternal wakefulness.


I do dance at my desk. Guilty as charged, but I love it.

I also sing at the top of my lungs if no one is home. Sabotage y'all


I go between the minimalist and the mom.

that's it all of this crap is invading me and I can't stand it any longer take it all to where it goes

.... 20 minutes later

awe that's cute, and you made it for me πŸ˜‚


I definitely love to dance, but I am quite sure that this lady would argue on which techie I am πŸ˜…
Black dog under the office table


A little bit of each, i guess.

  1. I listen to music all the time, and i sometimes do some moves, regardless of my position (sitting or standing).
  2. I have some pens, pencils, papers, even a Wacom tablet i occasionally use.
  3. Two of them. One cat is always in my lap as soon as i sit down.
  4. Our dogs live outside, but on sunny days i often sit in the backyard, sometimes at near the stream under the big trees. And then they are always there.
  5. It may sound strange together with artsy and mom, but itΚΌs true.
  6. Father of two here. I donΚΌt think i need to say more on this front. Also, such gifts are never ugly. They are always the best pieces of art a kid can make at a given point. Plus, kids always give presents to express their love towards you.
  7. OK, iΚΌm not into nail polish and stuff, but i learned from my grandfather that you should always look good, even at home.
  8. My father is a bibliophile. I guess i inherited some of this.

Wow, amazing! Or should we say.. BINGO! :D


When I last worked in an (external) office I was nicknamed "The Dog Whisperer" -- any pupper brought to work headed straight to my desk.

Other than that, definitely a minimalist (though somewhat less so now that I'm only working from home).


I'm currently a mix of minimalist and artsy. I like to keep my space clean and open so I can work on art projects there. When I'm done with them, I try to clean them off again.


I'm the opposite.
Over time I clutter my desk with projects and supplies until I can't see it anymore. Then the minimalist breaks through and cleans it all up. Rinse and repeat.


I am exactly the same! But I never get as clean as the minimalist, lol....


That's nice! I try to do that but it doesn't last long. haha so I just give up and find a way to have the supplies I need in my desk in a less chaotic way


Where is the one that works from bed like I do?!


hah, you have a good point (: but HOW do you manage... don't you get a bunch of neck and back pain? I feel so old when I try that, lol.


That’s a good question! I flip/flop every 30 minutes πŸ˜…


I'm a mix of The Dancing Queen and The Mom πŸ˜„


More of a cross between The Librarian and the dancing queen, with, when at home, a bit of artsy


I do dance and sing to music so the dancing queen. But my desk looks like a stationery shop after a Black Friday sale so have to add artsy in there. If I had my way there would be cats (and pandas) all over my desk but sadly I cannot have that. And books, books everywhere.


I see you, minimalist :) but with those big speakers, there must be a dancing king in you. Did I get it right? :D


The Tech Deeva: You wouldn't think it but my desk is litter with Bath bombs, creams, lip balm and and etc.


Fun drawings, thanks for sharing!

I'm a cat whisperer/minimalist. Things are neat & organized until the cat starts swatting at pens, papers, my hands 😸


Hahahah I guess it's never boring when you have cats around 😊 #jelly


The minimalist. I don't even like icons on my home screen, lol.


At home, I'm the Artsy. At work, I'm the minimalist mom without kids. I currently have desert theme desk toys/trinkets 🌡


Haha, lovely! I also have a few toys of my own, although I'll tell people they're from the kiddo πŸ˜‚


I am combination of number 2 and 5.

My office desk look more like Minimalist but at home its both Artsy and Minimalist


2, 3, 4, 6, and 8. I’ve worked from home since 2005 in a dedicated office.

No one would ever describe me a minimalist.


hahaha that's awesome, cats and dogs? I envy you! I'm also like, the opposite of minimalist :D


Great post! I'm definitely 5, the minimalist. I think the most "extra" thing on my desk at the moment is my rubik's cube. If only I could solve it without the need for instructions...


Probably a mix between Artsy and Librarian, but i have so many figures nearby that i really don't know if i fit.


Number 2 Especially... Messy artist desk here...
yes i do have a few toys on my desk...
also I do jam to music on occasion...


Definitely 1 when the song is right but nowadays mostly 6 and sometimes 4.


I am foodie and love animals - the Pack leader ( but also want toys at my workplace).


6 & 8 is my combo, 6 partially because of my 2 year old, but also because of my childhood Bionicle collection that I somehow convinced my wife to let me keep haha


4 6 5 7

But daddy, because parents have other genders.


I'm definitely a number 5! I like having extra space to move stuff around. My shelves under my my desk on the other hand are 2, 7, 8.


Definitely the minimalist with the occasional foray into cat whisperer!


I'm a combination of 4 and 5


The Minimalist for sure. It's important for me to focus more and remove any distractions while at work :)


Minimalist... Except messier. Wish I could be a pack leader, but my current situation doesn't let me have dogs 😭


Oh yeah, I would like to be a Cat Whisperer but also not the right moment for me (:


I'm a minimalist with a touch of librarian. Real books all the way!


Ha loved this! I'm a combo of 5 & 6, the Minimalist Dad. However, the Artsy Mom has taken over my desk temporarily... the chaos!


Where is the Gamer version ?, We also exists and a programmer too


Yeah I missed a few important ones, maybe I'll make V2 😜


I am definitely the diva and can't deny that no matter how hard I try lol
It just comes out at work (24/7 actually) and I'm sorry not sorry haha


This is so fun! I'm definitely the dancing (and singing) queen and the pack leader!


Just reorganized from Librarian to "Minimalist" with bonus option: electronic music equipment on the desk. The Multidisciplinarian?


Archaeologist. I have to excavate my workspace every time πŸ˜…


LOL 🀣🀣🀣 that's a great one!


I'm very much the cat whisperer. Or crazy-cat-man.

From a recent Zoom meeting...
cat man


Haha that's amazing! And it seems you have a climber? πŸ˜‚ That must be a great ice breaker for video meetings 😊


Definitely the "minimalist". I only have a laptop on my desk, literally.


Pack Leader + Librarian. My kids are grown, so no more toys!


I'll pick numbers 5 & 8. The Minimalist and the librarian.


The librarian, cat whisperer. :)


Guess that makes me a minimalist, pack leader dancing king techie :D


I'm the male version of The Mom and The Minimalist combined.. only The Mom side keeps my desk filled with stuff I don't want there (no not the pictures, the paperwork and cables etc haha)


Haha I feel you, it's a constant battle right 😊 I've tried being the minimalist in the past, but I gave up, lol


Probably The Librarian with a touch of The Dancing King. ;)


I am the dad dev lol haha 🀣


"Dancing King" and "Cat Whisperer". Can't resist to play air guitar!


Oh yeah I do air guitar (and air drums) too sometimes, haha 😁


I'm a mix of 1 and 5 except that I hate desks so any other place can be a good spot .


The Cat Whisperer when I’m at home, and The Minimalist when I’m on the campus!


Definitely a minimalist, but I do like to have a couple of knick-knacks.


Yass! Dancing Queen (but with headphones). Also helps against back pain πŸ˜„


A combination between Artsy and Librarian πŸ˜‚


That must be a busy desk. πŸ˜‚


@ben Aparently when you make a comment, then click on a new article while the comment is still processing, the comment is added to the article you clicked on.


I don't see an option here for sleep deprived, coffee fueled, early twenties man. 🀣


Can’t upload image πŸ˜“


shit soo true. 😹😹😹😹😹. am number 2. i just put stuff where ever there is space on my desk and i seem to know exactly where i put them.

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