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What traits matter the most for Sr. Level Web Developers?

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Do you hire/manage Senior-Level Web Developers? What traits matter the most in who you choose to hire or promote?

I put together a list of responses to this query on a post on my company's blog, but I thought after writing it that I would like to ask here on as well!

P.S. I'm happy to add any helpful answers to the post with a link back to your site (or careers page if you're hiring!) Just note in your answer if you'd like me to include it.

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I wrote an article about one aspect on seniority: understanding the big picture.

I listed three things in there that are, in my opinion, important:

  • user-centric thinking;
  • making reasonable choices and trade-offs;
  • ability to clearly communicate.

Whenever we're hiring for senior level positions im always looking for the dev that says, "I havent learned enough." instead of the dev that says "I know all about this language."


Good list, now I can calculate my seniority score :))

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