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Eulier Gonzalez
Eulier Gonzalez

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Contributing to back-end codebase as a front-end for first time.

I’ve 4 years of experience working with client-side code (HTML, CSS, JS and Node.js). Thanks to Zero To Mastery i could deep dive in the some major computer science concepts through Data Structure and Algorithm Course on Udemy, JS Advanced Concepts and improve my journey as a Software Developer by following the Junior to Senior Web Development 2021.

It took me (as a non-native english speaker) from april 2020 to feb 2021 to improve myself, daily on it, and eventually i got hired by a startup.

So, after a month of bootstrap the roadmap in which I made some proof of concepts about chat & authentication systems for Node.js and Django respectively, we finally now gonna build this app.

There is a backend developer that sets up the basis.
So I want to be effective on learning/understanding the concepts so i can give value to the codebase as soon as possible.


  • Investigate/Read through each package at the package.json
  • Learn the “why” and “how” it works
  • Listen concepts’s pronunciation and verbalize out loud
  • Apply those concepts by following the conventions and good practices to our needs (tasks)

Let see how it works.

Note: Due this project is quite small (8 packages), i can afford to do that. Even though the idea here is to understand following a pareto principle 80/20 to complete the task.
If we need to deep dive on more specific uses case, that's another post.

Edit I:
My intent is to dedicate 1 hours per package, take 3 series of 13 minutes and break of 3 minutes per serie and at the end a total rest of 12-20 minutes.

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Eulier Gonzalez • Edited

I must admit, since this project is quite small, i can afford to do that. Let me add a note on that.
Edit: also i'm gonna try to give time estimated/taken to follow the approach.

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Ginner Zapata

Best wishes!