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Twitter accounts every Web Developer should follow

Twitter is jam-packed full of web design tips and inspiration. Whether you want to learn more about CSS, HTML, JavaScript or simply get some advice, Twitter's usually a great place to start to get in touch with the experts. Here, I've picked 13 of my favourite Twitter accounts to follow in the field of web design and development.

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Here we go:

1) Jonathan Snook
He is a front-end developer concentrating on UX design and project management. He’s the author of Scalable and regularly shares development insights on his Twitter feed

2) Alex Sexton
Alex is a front-end engineer with Stripe. He is an open source advocate and contributor, and previously sat on the jQuery Board of Directors. Alex’s Twitter feed provides a light-hearted look into technology and culture.

3) Gina Trapanani
She is a partner at Postlight, where she builds web and mobile apps for some of the biggest names in the news and entertainment industries. She also founded the popular website, Lifehacker. Her twitter feed promotes some of her work at Postlight, and explores issues surrounding web development.

4) Six Revisions
Six Revisions regularly publishes articles geared toward web developers. It’s a place to find how-to pieces, tips and resources.

5) Tim Holman
Tim Holman describes himself as a 'tinkerer, tuner, tamperer'. He's also a developer at CodePen. His Twitter feed is full of creative coding examples and interactive experiments – definitely worth a follow.

6) Jeffrey Zeldman
Jeffrey Zeldman is one of the most influential web designers in the industry today. Formerly of Happy Cog, he's now heading up studio.zeldman. He's also the man behind A Book Apart, A List Apart and An Event Apart, and the author of the book Designing With Web Standards.

7) Jen Simmons
Jen Simmons is a "designer who builds stuff, too". She’s best-known as the host of The Web Ahead, a podcast about changing technologies and the future of the web. She regularly tweets inspirational content and often shares her thoughts on the industry, making for some interesting debate.

8) Jake Archibald
Jake Archibald is a developer advocate for Google Chrome, seasoned conference speaker and big fan of Service Workers. His bio states his aim is to help "the web to do what native does best, and fast", and he shares plenty of information and tips to that end in his Twitter feed.

That's it for now. Let me know in the comments, if you follow some other Web developer, who deserves to be in the list.


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P Giri Kishore • Edited

I think you missed @ravinwashere . He posts amazing content for web developers on twitter.

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Ravin 💻🚀

Thank you 🙏❤

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You missed my account 😝

Okay visit here to learn Java

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@exwhyzed Discord link got expired. Could you please update.

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Thanks for letting me know!
Here's the invite: