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Fayaz Ahmed
Fayaz Ahmed

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A weekend project with Nuxt & Tailwindcss- Fluenticons

I made a small weekend project - Fluent Icons Viewer.

Microsoft has made a really great icon set called Fluent icons and they're open source but I was not able to find these icons by name and I had to look and find them manually.

Hence I made a small web project which lets you search and download the icons.

I have also made a dark mode to view these.

The project is open source and the code can be found here, contributions welcome.

I tried showing the icons inline but it affected the performance heavily, as there were over 2000 icons, hence I am showing them as images.

The trick with dark mode was, inverting the color of the image, seems hacky but worked great.

I am planning to add changing colors, a figma plugin and an api to embed these icons inside websites.

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Lucian Tartea

Great work Fayaz love the project