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2018 - Year In Review

2018 has been an amazing year for me. I learnt new things, built a few things, wrote a handful of blog posts and met some amazing devs in the community. But above all, I became a better dev by learning and reflecting on my mistakes throughout. Here's a quick list down of how 2018 turned out to be an amazing year for me.

Things I built in 2018

Things I wrote in 2018

Goal Stats

  • ✅ Start with OSS (have over 10 actively maintained projects now)
  • ✅ Become an active contributor to a repo that’s not mine (became one of the top contributors)
  • ✅ Create and publish a library that others find helpful (have 7 libs now with 130k+ downloads)
  • ✅ Build a portfolio
  • ✅ Hit 1k reps in Stack Overflow (2.4k currently)
  • ✅ Hit 1k followers in (2.2k currently)
  • ✅ Learn Docker, ELK stack, reverse proxy
  • ⚠️ Hit 700 followers in twitter (695 now)
  • ❌ Build a website that others find helpful
  • ❌ Learn GraphQL, serverless, web components


  • Started with OSS
  • Quit my awesome job to take on a challenging role
  • Moved to new country
  • Started contributing more in Stack Overflow
  • Started building and publishing libraries
  • Started writing about the things I learn and the things I build
  • Became a publisher in Hackernoon and Codeburst
  • All my write ups together have been viewed over 250k times (100k+ DEV and 150k+ Medium)
  • A few blog posts that I wrote got featured in other platforms and curations
  • Found awesome people in the community (twitter and and drew inspiration from them

Dev principles I picked up in 2018

I want to wrap up this post by highlighting a few dev principles I learnt and strictly adopted in my workflow in 2018.

  • Code without tests is as good as no code at all
  • No Abstraction > Wrong Abstraction
  • Most optimization strategies you come up with will either result in premature-optimization or over-optimization. Optimize only when absolutely necessary.
  • Have a broader vision of the problem/solution but break it down and build in small portions incrementally
  • If you add a todo to improve later, you’ll never get back to it. So, do it now.

🥂 To another wonderful year full of opportunities and amazing people 🥂

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Dinesh Pandiyan

@ben It'd be great if the author of a post could track the number of views. Could lead up to interesting stats.

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Darkø Tasevski

It's already implemented, you should have those numbers in your dashboard

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Dinesh Pandiyan

Ah, yes. Didn't know that. Thanks.