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Florin Pop
Florin Pop

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Is live coding fun?

Do you think Live Coding is fun? If not... what do you think it will make it fun? 😊

I’ve seen gamers streaming and having thousands and thousands of viewers. Why can’t we (as programmers) have that? 🤔

This question is bugging me for a while now and I want to find a solution.

As a streamer myself I’d like to have more people who are engaged with the content that I’m producing and at the end have more fun AND learn more.

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There is literally LiveCoders team on Twitch which have 100+ streamers who do often coding streams. My fav is CodingGarden (Javascript) but you can find something for any coding language possible

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Florin Pop

Yup. I know them. CJ is very fun to watch indeed. ☺️

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Bernard Baker

Live coding is awesome. The way you think when you are live coding is different from the way you code when when you are alone.

I recall pairing with a developer and working through their code making changes. My programming was better because I knew they were was watching me help them.

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Florin Pop

It is indeed awesome! People seem to enjoy it. I was just trying to find ways to have more people enjoy and learn from my streams.

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Hi Florin pop, I'm of your subscriber in both youtube and twitch! and also😂

Live coding & Stream needs fast working brain and multitasking mind 😜😜❗

I'm also having a youtube channel called Vuelancer If you see that channel, I will feel more happier than now replying to you!

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gorlok 🧉

Coding can be boring. Live coding needs some charisma. It must be interesting. It must be fun, entertaining, useful and/or educational. There are no recipes. It can be mastered. Some coders has it, and others don't.

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Chris Hale

I think this tool seems very cool for a "live coding with a performance" sort of thing:
Went through the tutorials and it is quite fun to code up music, especially faster than I expected to be able to. Not that I would do this live, but it is fun.

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Fabrícia Diniz

It is so much fun. To my experience, community is everything. More people gather around a community than around a single person, so knowing people that also do it and creating a community is one of the most important things to make it even more fun.

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Aisha Blake • Edited

Whether it's fun to do or to watch depends largely on the streamer in my opinion. I enjoy live coding but started my career as a JavaScript instructor. I feel like I've done more coding in front of people than in private!

I've never seen you stream, so I don't know what sort of format you use. Personally, I don't enjoy watching people do their regular work unless they're also able to keep up an interesting conversation. It helps if each stream has a particular goal. I'm more interested in watching a lesson on a particular topic. When I stream code, it's generally an extra lesson for my students or a small, specific project.

I also feel that gaming is more approachable/relatable. Most people have played a video game in some form but many still see coding as some mysterious thing. I don't think we'll see people flock to coding streams in the same way until that changes.

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Ayushman Bilas Thakur

Twich is more for gamers... We might need a better platform specified towards live coders

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Twitch is for anything honestly. Live coding lends itself pretty well to twitch.

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Florin Pop

This is what I’ve seen too ☺️

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Pachi 🪐 (she/her/ela)

When I am doing Twitch streams o/

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andre aliaman

Fun if occasionally, another story if become routine.

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Junya Kitayama

I love live coding. However, live coding is hard to understand what's going on when you watch it in the middle of the show. It's not the same as gamers streaming.

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I don't even like watching gamers stream. No idea why people find it interesting. I prefer to play the game myself.
Live coding sounds even more boring, but it can be educational I guess.