πŸš€ Just released ultra-runner 2.0.0! Ultra fast script runner and build tool, with support for lerna, yarn and pnpm monorepos.

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I've just released Ultra Runner 2.0.0 with lots of new features to run scripts and builds for monorepos.

✨ Highlights

  • zero-config: works out of the box with your existing monorepo
  • non-intrusive: no need to make any changes to your packages.json files
  • workspaces: detects packages in existing lerna, yarn and pnpm workspaces, or recusrively searches them
  • ultra fast builds: ultra keeps track of file changes in your repo and only actually build a package when needed
  • parallel builds: ultra builds your packages concurrently by default
  • workspace dependencies: workspace dependencies are automatically resolved and used for parallel builds
  • execute anything: one command to run package scripts, node_modules binaries or system binaries, recursively in your repository.
  • faster script execution: ultra hijacks any npm, pnpm, yarn and npx calls for faster execution.
  • concurrency within scripts: you can add optional configuration to package.json to run parts of a script in parallel. No need to change the actual scripts
  • filtering: filter on package names or subdirectories

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Never stop exploringπŸƒ πŸ„ πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 🌴 🌊 ⛰️ β˜€οΈ


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Oh, and might be interested in glob-cache for detecting changes. It's built on fast-glob (by default) but can pass other glob library too. And @hela/eslint which is insanely faster than ESLint, using the Linter API.

Good job anyway, seems small :)


nice! Will definitely have a look!


What does it make it so fast ?


Ultra looks like it does a few clever things, but the crux is:

  • parallel everything it can
  • create a runtime context stripped of excess (it hijacks npx/npm run/yarn run/shell operators (&&/||) to minimize overhead)
  • parse package.json scripts ahead of time, to analyze best execution plan

Thanks for jumping in here :)

It does indeed all of the above and has some special handling for running build scripts. It keeps track of file changes accross your reporistory and will only actually build a package when really needed.


Heck. Exactly what I'm doing with the Hela ecosystem (plus the many Jest runners in tunnckoCore/opensource) in past 2 years.

Sounds great, I'll look over the code.


Seems like 2020 will be competitive year - Hela, Ultra, and Rome by Facebook.


From a quick glance, it seems like it could help me build a whole micro front end, want to use multiple different frameworks and compile into one routing framework.

Let me know if it could