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Orlando Ego
Orlando Ego

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Have to change to remote working

My baby is coming, I want (actually, I have to) change to work as remote developer.
I need to be most of the time with my family and move to a more relaxed place I wnat to leave the city and take place to my hometown.
Any suggestion about the best strategy to achieve my goal?

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Ben Halpern

So I guess step one would be to look out for job openings for remote companies.

But along the way, there is plenty of opportunity to work remote on your own terms via freelancing/consulting. I guess I'd try to run these in parallel to some extent and see what sticks.

If you're already at a job and want to transition to remote within a company that doesn't offer that by default, I'd say try and go to management with an action plan and convince them you'll be more productive and happy from home and you'll do everything necessary to ensure communication and oversight of the process.

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Orlando Ego

Thanks for the advice, but in my case, I'll need to get another job...