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16 week streak of blogging - how to do it

It's time to stop and celebrate my own victory, I got the 16 week streak badge after blogging for every week on I'm happy for myself right now 🥳


How you can do the same

I didn't know I was going to aim for the 16 week streak and write one article every week 4 months from now, but after getting some badges along the way just from wanting to write articles, I decided to go for the longest streak. So the first point is that you enjoy writing blogs.

I recommend writing articles because you will get a better understanding of the topic yourself, you can get feedback from the community, you promote yourself as a skilled person, you have documented something so you can easily look back and remember how it was, and you will contribute to the community.

Going for a streak writing every week, you might feel like it's going to be hard to keep up with the consistency. This helped me; writing about learnings from your own projects, both work and side projects. Mix it up with some short Today I Learned blogs that contain short useful information that is quick to write. After a while I created a to-do list with ideas for articles. Which helped me for weeks I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. But don't plan everything, you will get ideas along the way. If you have a topic/project with a lot of different focus areas, you can split the article into a blog series. This will also help you write concise articles that are focused and easy to read. At the end I was going traveling without a computer, so writing some articles in advance and publishing from the mobile helped me.

Thank you for reading. And remember that the community is a kind one, so publishing content feels very safe and welcome 🤗

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