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Vue 3 is out!

gautemeekolsen profile image Gaute Meek Olsen ・1 min read

Today Vue 3 was released!

I'm really looking forward to using Vue 3 for all my projects. It's really a well-done framework and totally my favorite.

Some of the main benefits are

  • The Composition API
  • Performance Improvements
  • Improved TypeScript integration

See the keynote announcement here:

See my previous article, Vue 3 is Coming!, for all the benefits and changes to Vue 3, here on dev.to.


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I think it's time we start considering our options the next time we are starting new projects. Too often I see projects going with React because "it has the most job listings, so it must be the best choice". Maybe there is a better solution out there 😉


I totally agree. Someone once told me, “companies like React, developers like Vue” which is quite interesting. I love Vue for its clear separation between HTML, CSS, and JS in projects. I can’t go back to React anymore with JSX 😄


Haha, that's a funny and interesting take on it 😄 Because of this I'm doing Vue in my free time and React at work. There's a lot of debate about state management and how to deal with CSS which wouldn't be necessary in Vue because of the composition API and scoped CSS. I totally agree with you!


Luckily I am the UI architect at our company and I was able to choose Vue. When I first started using Vue I found it harder than React since the ecosystem was smaller and it was harder to find things like a good data grid. But now I can find everything I need. The speed of development, ease of use, and collaboration benefits were what convinced me. We can have the graphic designers write HTML code and then grab their code and convert it to components easily without a JSX conversion step. I can honestly say we have had zero complaints with the Vue apps. They work flawlessly even in IE11. Looking forward to migrating apps away from mixins and towards using the composition API for cleaner and more manageable code.


Great step in making Vue yet more competitive and approachable.


Helpful article👍


I’m super excited for these new features! I think Vue.js is the most pragmatic and understandable framework. They really listen to the community 👏🏼


Great!! It's time!


Is it the default cli? Or is it mainly not by GitHub?


Yes, you can either use the default Vue cli:

npm install -g @vue/cli
vue create project-name

and select Vue 3.

Or you can use Vite:

npm init vite-app project-name