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Dealing With Rejection As A Developer

Hi everyone,
We have all been in that dilemma of getting rejection mails after applying for jobs at various companies.
Sometimes these companies might even "ghost" you. Well, this can really make a developer feel depressed and questions if he/she is good enough to get the job.

Before you start applying for jobs, you need to have this in mind that if you plan there are chances that you will either be approached by the company for an interview or be rejected. Doing this allows you to know that there are options for you to explore.

Getting ghosted by a company doesn't mean they don't like you or they have rejected you automatically, there is a possibility that they haven't seen your application or worst case , they have seen it but they haven't gotten enough time to give you a reply.

When a company sends you a rejection mail or letter, it simply means that you didn't fit the role and the experience they were looking for. Put your self in the company's shoes, if you were looking for a developer with 5 years experience to handle a specific task and a developer with 2 years experience apply for the position, would you offer him a position ?
I'm guess you will say no, because you want someone that can deliver the task at hand.

More so, a lot of people would have applied for that same position and some might be qualified than you who are a good fit for the position.
In order to avoid cases like that, avoid applying for jobs that supersedes your experience , look for the right one and if you found it but you got rejected. Move on!!

I have gotten countless of rejection mails for various companies but yet I continue pushing it.
Learning to use rejection to your advantage is a tool in developing your skills. Rejection in the tech world means learn and strive to achieve more. If you keep pushing surely you will get to your destination.

If you are a fresher or a developer looking for your first developer role, don't be afraid of getting rejected because if you are then you are gradually falling into a state where you will constantly doubt yourself in anything you do. Think of it as the company telling you that, they are impressed with your talent but you need to improve your skills. Improving your skills will benefit you a lot.

But if you have a sufficient amount of experience and have worked at various companies and you still get rejected is a sign that the company isn't for you. Some of the reasons may include :

  • They might not be able to meet your salary demand.
  • The company feels that the role isn't for you.
  • They don't have a good environment where you will find comfortable.

But if you can be able to bring yourself down to them, then you can be able to land the jobs even after being rejected.

Another thing to keep in mind is to embrace failure. Failure is one of the keys to unlocking the doors of success. Getting rejected isn't the end of the world, it is the world telling you to to get up and strive harder.

Here's one final note:
Fail today, Succeed tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading

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