Choosing The Right Career In Programming

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Hello guys, so most of you out there especially newbies or people who are just starting to learn programming.

Today, I will be giving an insight on how to choose the right career.
Over the years , a lot of new jobs are being created and most are now diminished or faded away.
So far in the tech industry, there are a lot of new careers on could follow or dive into with ease and also be successful at it .

Let's take a look at a data analyst,
A data analyst is basically someone whose job is to collect, process and perform statistical analyses of data. This data collected is used to help the company in making better decision on its product.

A data analyst may seem as someone who doesn't do programming. Yes they don't but most of them do have technical knowledge on how to build applications and softwares.

Also note that you have to be specific when choosing your career unless you will end up losing lot of job opportunities. Most companies don't want a web developer, they want a frontend developer or a backend developer. Anybody could say he or she is a web developer as long as they code in HTML and CSS because it is a general term used to classify developers that work on the aspect of the web. So don't get yourself confused

Now let's take a look at some steps that determine your career.

-Knowledge and Experience:

As a programmer, you should know one or two programming languages which you are good at. Those languages you have chosen to learn and use as your core language determine your career. If you are currently learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap etc.. , there is a high possibility that you career is falling under web development whether frontend or back end . All that is left is to choose which you can handle and work on .

Take me as an example, I work with node js a lot and I have built a lot of projects with it. Do you think my career will be based on Android development or artificial intelligence??
That's what all these is all about.

-Self Evaluation and Assessment:

What does this mean?
Self evaluation in here is mainly talking about how good are you. Here are some few questions you should ask yourself.

  • Am I good enough?
  • Am I capable of working as a developer?
  • Is it worth working towards to ?
  • Does my experience qualify with my career experience? Take your time, relax and answer these questions and even ask your self more questions which you would answer.

Career is not just any random word. A career is more of less a life long occupation or job.

Basically you could either choose a career based on the aspect whether you like building applications or softwares or robots or even AI

-Meet experienced people:

This is one of the best way of trying to get to choose your career. Meeting experienced people who are in the same line of career with yours will give you a lead on how your career would look like.
You could get in touch with a well known or experienced developer and tell them about your career and they find a way to help you along the way and also guide you.

Ask them about their career, why they chose it and why they dedicate their time. This is because experience is the key to knowledge.

People like them have experienced and have treaded the path you wish to follow so getting them to guide and mentor you will be an extra edge or advantage to you.

-Research about your career:

This is very crucial because researching about your career helps you get better understanding and information about your career. This allows you to gather necessary information and feedback about your career.

Here is where Google comes in handy, a lot of people use Google and every seconds new content are being published so I don't think you will lack any researching tools or materials.

-Know what you need:

You can't just start a career without knowing what you need. Think of them as you basic needs like food , shelter and clothing but instead your needs to help you boost your career.

Yes, I want to be a web developer, what do I need ?
It's simple, I need to know how to code, I need to have a PC and I need to have some essential knowledge about how the web works.
Knowing your needs depends on the path you decided to follow.

Hopefully , I believe this article as accomplish its purpose by helping you choose the right career . If you have any other opinion or question ,why don't you drop a comment and also don't forget to follow me on Dev.to and Twitter. 😊😊

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Hi Ahmed thank you for the eye opening I'm one of those Who named it as software developer not as Front end developer,I studied html,css,bootstrap, Javascript, git and now Phython .I do not have experience though But I'm also registered with Harvard university online doing all the listed above languages that I did in my Formal qualification last year ,Do you think I stand chances to be a junior front end developer? What advice would you give me I'm also looking for Internship which I believe is the best on where to start learning


OK Sekgoto.
Seeing your current skills defines you as a frontend web developer and I do believe you could get a junior developer job or an internship with your certain knowledge.

If you feel like you don't know enough yet, then learn more and widen your experience to fit into the position or job you wish to have .

Hope this helps.


I'm currently busy with online Harvard university short course Web pro 🏃‍♂️


Hi dude can you please help me with Creating an google image search page The code when running it gives me error ,do you have few example on it


What are you building it with and what error is it showing you?


I must build google search pages I'm not sure about my code
This is for google image

I'm building google search image page and advance google search Can I show you my code and correct me please I have to submit soon