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Help Everyone Learn JavaScript [Support Kyle Simpson's You Don't Know JS Yet Kickstarter]

Like many of JavaScript engineers, the book series You Don't Know JS was pivotal in my career. I've been taking advantage of its wealth of insights since I first picked it up.

Now we have a chance to help the person that helped me and so many other JS developers take that next step and become solid professional programmers, and I am honored to do my part.

Today is the last day to back Kyle Simpson's You Don't Know JS Yet Kickstarter. Click here to support the cause.

I know that so many of you have benefited from these books, and if we can get enough donations to hit Kyle's stretch goals we can ensure the books are published as beautifully illustrated hard copies.

Not only that.

If we hit the highest stretch goal, the books will always remain available to everyone for free!

Coding Career Fastlane has pledged $2500, which makes us a Flagship Sponsor. This means we get three 2-hour Zoom calls with Kyle.

If you donate even just $1 via our link you will get access to attend those Zoom calls and ask Kyle anything you've ever wanted to know about topics like JS, becoming an author, and dedicating your career to the education side of the industry.

If you are a professional JavaScript developer, please consider donating what you can to Kyle Simpson's Kickstarter, You Don't Know JS Yet, so future generations can learn JavaScript the right way and have the awesome careers that they want.

If you can't support monetarily, no worries!

Please share the message and help get the word out.

There's only one day left to support the Kickstarter!

You can also show your support plus get a serious discount on the first 2 books in the You Don't Know JS Yet series, and another great book by Kyle that you may have missed, called Functional-Light JavaScript.

Get them for $10 each with the following links:

You Don't Know JS Yet: Get Started

You Don't Know JS Yet: Scope & Closures

Functional-Light JavaScript

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