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Michelle Mannering for GitHub

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View your GitHub Contribution Graph as an animated skyline + 3D print it

Over the years there have been many developers have played with the visualisation of their GitHub contribution graphs. Launched in 2013, people have found many ways to show off their contributions.

From plastering it across a t-shirt to creating stickers, or having your graph framed, devs love to show off this exciting GitHub profile feature.

Developers are even seeing GitHub contributions in everyday life. Hotel bathrooms, random walls, and even trash cans.

And don't get us started on how excited gamers get over the contribution graph. From taking it into a Tetris game to rearranging contributions into notable gaming characters.

Now GitHub has taken the contribution graph to the next level. GitHub Skyline is your contribution graph in 3D. It's a beautiful cityscape with plenty of amazing animations and fancy music. You can grab a screen recording and share yours or simply click the "Share" button to send direct to socials.

For those hobbyist and tinkers out there, you can even download your graph as an *.stl file and 3D print it. Find a friend with a printer or send it to your local 3D printing shop. There are so many ways to be creative.

Give it a try today. Go to GitHub Skyline and enter your username. Show us your contribution graphs below or share them direct on socials!

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