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Michelle Mannering
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GitHub isn't just for code - Stream Deck templates for everyone

Giving gifts at Christmas time isn't just about physical objects. In the same way, GitHub isn't just about code. Twilio's Gift of Code event encourages people to build digital things to gift for Christmas this year. There was also the Cloud Family's Festive Tech calendar which we were part of.

I took all these elements and built some really cool assets for streamers this Christmas. Everything is available on GitHub and it was such a fun experience.

Gift of Code

This year Twilio's Gift of Code encourages the community to build something to gift to people. For every gift, Twilio makes a donation to the World Food Program USA in support of the United Nations World Food Programme for each entry submitted.

Gift of Code

So the gift goes both ways. I am getting better at coding, but I wanted to use the skills I have to build something that everyone could use. So we decided to make Christmas themed screensavers for the Elgato Stream Deck.

Elgato Stream Deck Templates

Not only did I make some Christmas examples for people to use, I built the templates so people could clone, download, and modify it themselves. We did all this live on stream and have everything uploaded on GitHub. The stream deck templates are available in the Mini, Standard, and XL sizes.

Mona example

If you're a streamer, or you have an Elgato Stream Deck, please feel free to use these templates however you like! I've already had heaps of people using these and loving them!

GitHub not just for Code

Yes GitHub's primary purpose is for collaborating on code. But you can also use it for other things too! All the files we built during the #GiftofCode stream are available on GitHub. We used the Readme file to add instructions on using the files, and links to all the assets we utilised.

Check out the repo and if you want to watch us build all the fun assets, check out the stream VOD.

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