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Take your WFH setup to the next level with Elgato Wave Panels

By now, lots of people here know I love to live stream. I stream code, games, and sometimes AMAs too. Then there's the virtual presentations. You might have seen my earlier post about creating the Ultimate Work From Home (WFH) or Code From Home setup.

Now I've taken this setup to the next level with some fancy Elgato Wave panels. Let's check it out.

Elgato Wave panels

The Elgato Wave panels are acoustic sound padding, designed to help absorb noise. You might have seen many different types of sound boarding. The Elgato ones are unique in that they are hexagon shapes that can be put together in various ways. You can get super creative with them.


Acoustic sound padding

Acoustic sound padding helps absorb sound, meaning it's perfect for streaming and virtual presentations. Instead of hearing echoes, or sound reverberation, your voice is absorbed into the sound boarding. This creates a clearer sound, and especially useful when using a microphone.

Since sound is absorbed into the foam padding, sound boards also help to reduce the amount of noise that goes out from a room. If you have neighbours or you want to keep the rest of your household happy, acoustic sound padding is perfect. I know my neighbours are much happier without hearing my constant droning voice!

Setup and design

I love the way these wave panels can be arranged in many different ways. Once you have a style you like, it's time to put them together and stick them on the wall. Initially, I was really worried about this step. When I unboxed the panels, there were so many little things, it looked like it might take FOREVER to set them up.


But it was super quick and easy. The frames snap together and the clips hold everything in place. For six panels, this step probably only took me about ten minutes.


Once you have this complete, you can put it on the wall. I live in a rented apartment so not having to drill into walls is the best (although you can still screw your panels into the wall if you need). The lightweight design of the panels means the tape that comes in the box holds them perfectly on the wall. It didn't take long before all six panels were up, and they look amazing!


I wanted this corner design in my room since I like things to be a little more unique. There's also some fancy new lights you might spot in the image... we'll talk about those next time.

Having the panels in the corner also seemed like the best place to reduce sound echo. It's right in front of where I present and stream. The panels are also positioned against the neighbours' walls; it's a win-win for everyone!

Purchase and upgrading

One of the things I really love about these Elgato wave panels, is you can keep buying them! Adding more panels means more control over your sound. I definitely want to purchase more and continue upgrading them.


They are super awesome, sturdy, they make all things sound amazing, and they look epic. They aren't cheap though. These panels start around $100 USD on Amazon for the six pack starter kit. They are available in blue or black, and you can purchase extension kits in packs of two.

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