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Gokul Krishna
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2022 Tech-Conferences for Developers to attend

Technology Conferences 2022 πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Frontend | Backend πŸš€

React πŸš€

Typescript πŸš€

Svelte πŸš€

NodeJS πŸš€

Angular πŸš€

Kubernetes πŸš€

Terraform πŸš€

Cloud Native πŸš€

KubeCon & Cloud Native πŸš€

Devops πŸš€

Feel free to spread this message and share anything else in the comments if I missed anything.
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curiousdev profile image

This is more for Web Developers, right? Not for every developer.

gokulkrishnann profile image
Gokul Krishna

yes to a certain extent. But, there are some conferences for python developers and terraform, cloud are skills applicable for every developer :)