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Hagai Luger
Hagai Luger

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I need YOU to tell me a DDD Success Story!

In the last few years I've got very excited about DDD (Domain Driven Design).

It seems to me like the (only) way that complex business domain software should be built.

So I'm investing time in learning it.

I would really appreciate it if you could tell me about success stories regarding implementing DDD.

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Kasey Speakman • Edited

We have created a product using DDD, in production for over a year now. Our clients so far are word-of-mouth and related to a specific industry. But we are looking at a public launch next year. Everyone (company, devs, clients, users) has been happy with it, and it is evolving as we discover more user needs. Our company has already-established products and services, so this is an incubation project rather than a race to startup.

When I say that we did DDD, I am not referring to a pattern of coding (Entity, Value Object, Repository, Aggregate, etc). I didn't use most of that stuff since these patterns are traditionally OO-specific, and we used FP. I do not believe the value of DDD is really found in those technical patterns. Rather I believe the human patterns it catalogs (ubiquitous language, bounded context, aggregate as a transaction boundary, etc.) are the vital ones to producing good software. Because they lead devs to spend the effort to synchronize with the customer's viewpoint. Without that, it is too easy to produce software which meets requirements but doesn't actually solve the customer's problem.