Beginners, What Would You Most Like to Build in a JavaScript Tutorial?

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In many beginner JS tutorials, the end goal is to build an app of some sort, and they are frequently of a similar type: todo lists, stopwatch timers, pared down clones of common social media apps, etc.

There's obviously good reason for this - when you don't have to expend too much mental energy understanding what you're building, it's easier to understand how. They are also limited in scope, which makes them more manageable.

However when I was working through many of this type of tutorial a few years back, I've got to admit that I sometimes found myself getting a little bored...

So I'm interested to hear from the beginners out there - ignoring any issues of difficulty or complexity - what kind of app would you want to build in a project style tutorial?

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My side projects haunt my dreams.


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So, when i started to learning a new language, i really loved those projects i used even later on. So maybe not the typical ToDo App, since there are very professional ones already out there, but something that makes the learning process a bit easier. I always lobed to create an App where i could save my common mistakes and how to fix them. So when i got a problem, i at first used my application to look if i already did this mistake once and how i fixed it.
This could also be improved by for example a counter that lists my most common mistakes.


This is a great suggestion - I love the idea of building something that's useful to you, and helps you continue to learn more effectively going forward. 🍻


I was thinking to make an app which produce different kind of design template according to your website theme color, thats just an idea and will soon gonna implement on it. Hope that i will succeed.


Awesome, sounds like a cool idea 😎 I'm sure you'll get it working with time!


I would love to learn how to build a simple download counter for files on my website that can update after each click and be visible to all visitors. I would style with CSS of course.


Hey all!
I've always wanted to build a file manager like X-plore, with a few changes. I think it's mostly a Kotlin build, however that is my end goal.


I've never heard of X-plore! I'll need to take a look. Sounds like a solid goal though.


As a beginner I would have loved to learn to make something useful/fun/pretty like a game or a data visualisation app or something else to play with data


This was definitely me as well - I think one of the main reasons I drifted towards programming was because of how easily you can combine the technical with design and creativity.