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Accessibility Audit: Auditing/comparing a Bank site (India vs USA)

I made a video to audit the sites and it is in Hindi.

Hello All,

I did a few audits of the websites to create awareness around accessibility and highlight the broken experiences.

This time I did the accessibility audit and compared the same brand's website of India and the USA to show the huge difference between the accessibility level.

Here is the video

PS: This video is totally for educational purposes and not to defame the brand. If anyone has any issues please feel free to reach out to me and we will work to fix the issues of accessibility.

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GrahamTheDev • Edited

I was so confused at first with the amount of English words mixed in with Hindi and I thought I just misunderstood your accent as I have the volume low, then I came back here and realised it was in Hindi! 🤣

The one bit I did understand in the couple of minutes I listened to was the "it is a pathetic excuse"....and I totally agree, 51 on an automated test....disgraceful!

Have you considered that perhaps you could do the video in Hindi but add subtitles in English? You could do a 20 second bit at the beginning explaining that. It may increase the reach of your video significantly!

Either that or maybe you could just dub English over the video and release a second version.

Maybe I am just being selfish being an English speaker but I want to enjoy your content! ❤

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Neha Sharma

Sure...sure...this is a nice idea of doing english subtitle.