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Make money as a developer

If you’re a programming geek and not making any money online, you are missing out BIG. There are plenty of ways to earn as a developer, in this blog, I am going to discuss about some of these ways.

There are many incredible ways to make money online with programming skills. If you learn various coding languages and programs, then you can offer your skills online and start generating cash fast.

1. Blogging

Just as me, you can write blogs about anything you want and earn money. There are many platforms in which you can write blogs.

If you do blogging in a platform where the platform itself dont pay you, no worries you can earn with different ways out there.

  • offering coding skills online
  • charging for premium content
  • earning through affiliate links

2. Freelancing

You must have heard this word, if you have any skill like web development, android development or anything you can start a freelancing website.

Same as blogging there are many platforms in which you can freelance, and the cool part is you dont need a platform, you can start your own website.

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3. Selling Templates or Themes

You can start making Templates and Theme ( even of wordpress ) and sell them, people earn a lot by doing this.

You might be confused on where to sell your HTML Templates?

No Worries I got it for you

  • themeforest. net
  • monsterone. com
  • codester. com
  • creativemarket. com
  • designhill. com
  • templatemonster. com
  • mojomarketplace. com
  • your own website

4. Develop a App or Website

You can just start your own app and website and earn through it, most of the programmers know this and dont need much explanation. There are plenty of ways from which you can earn in an app or website.

5. Sell Courses

Last but not the least, you can sell your courses, if you are good at teaching stuff and have a good programming knowledge you can surely do it.

Good Luck for the journey of earning through code, Thanks

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zyabxwcd profile image

it would have been better if you had suggested platforms with each point you have mentioned

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Vik πŸ“ˆ

oh you guys wanted that, sure I will do it in todays blog, although I have listed some platforms in the template section