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How to start your development career as a Freelance developer ?

I am a node.js developer, I am think of starting my career as Freelance developer. I don't have prior working experience with organization. How can I start my Freelance journey and learn more and grow and stay motivated ?

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Leonardo Ferreira

I know that this advice is not what you looking for but I wouldn't start my developer career as freelancer. I recommend you to try find a job first and gain some experience in software projects, agile framwework, precise estimating etc. Not every thing related to software is code. You should also improve your soft skills if you planning to deal with clients on your own

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Amitav Roy

I completely agree with what Leonardo said. Coding is something which you can pickup. There are ample of resources on the world wide web. What you will need are lot of skills like client management, perception management, estimating a work and many more things. Which you can learn when you work for some time in a company.

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Muhammad Hamza Hijazi

I agree with you, actually I am not getting any interview call anymore. That's why I thought I should try my luck with freelancing

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I suggest to develop your GitHub profile with some of your project and dedicate your time to open source project for better understanding. This will help you to improve real-time knowledge and crack your interviews.

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