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Where do you store your IMPORTANT passwords?

hostingpill profile image Chris Wagner twitter logo ・1 min read

Remembering your passwords can be a tricky thing to do these days.

So, we should have a password manager that can keep our passwords safe.

For this solution, we have compiled the list of the best Password Managers:

Those are 100%, secure password managers.

Please let me know which password manager are you using?

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Quite an extensive list of 26 password managers, I give you that. But claiming a software is 100% secure is a bold statement. Especially for proprietary, cloud based password managers.

I use KeePass because it gives you complete control over the password file.


Ah, password managers. Low and medium important passwords I save to Bitwarden.

Important passwords, like the password for Bitwarden, backup of Bitwarden, certificates, cryptokeys, bitcoins, product keys, etc.. They go to an encrypted usb stick on my key chain:

My KeySmart

Nothing safer than having stuff not hooked up to a computer unless I need it. And got a backup of that too, hidden away, just in case.


A KeePass file. More explicitly, (a fork), and KeePassXC.

I also use LastPass and Chrome's default.

I still don't get how can cloud be secure. Is storing plaintext passwords in Heroku PostGres (plus transfer via HTTPS) secure?


Thanks for the great article. The password manager that I am already using for 2 years is unfortunately not on the list - Dashlane!πŸ˜€


I'm already using BitWarden Open source and fully featured . Works great for Mobile and Desktop :)

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