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Where do you store your IMPORTANT passwords?

hostingpill profile image Chris Wagner ・1 min read

Remembering your passwords can be a tricky thing to do these days.

So, we should have a password manager that can keep our passwords safe.

For this solution, we have compiled the list of the best Password Managers:

Those are 100%, secure password managers.

Please let me know which password manager are you using?

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eddex • Edited

Quite an extensive list of 26 password managers, I give you that. But claiming a software is 100% secure is a bold statement. Especially for proprietary, cloud based password managers.

I use KeePass because it gives you complete control over the password file.

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Jérémy JAMET

Hello guys, it's an interesting topic. Developing myself a file manager for Android. I will like to know what are the reasons that make you like one password manager over another. This will allow me to prioritize developments and focus on the most expected features.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

A KeePass file. More explicitly, (a fork), and KeePassXC.

I also use LastPass and Chrome's default.

I still don't get how can cloud be secure. Is storing plaintext passwords in Heroku PostGres (plus transfer via HTTPS) secure?

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emptyother • Edited

Ah, password managers. Low and medium important passwords I save to Bitwarden.

Important passwords, like the password for Bitwarden, backup of Bitwarden, certificates, cryptokeys, bitcoins, product keys, etc.. They go to an encrypted usb stick on my key chain:

My KeySmart

Nothing safer than having stuff not hooked up to a computer unless I need it. And got a backup of that too, hidden away, just in case.

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Jerald James Capao • Edited

Thanks for the great article. The password manager that I am already using for 2 years is unfortunately not on the list - Dashlane!😀

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Rao Hammas

I'm already using BitWarden Open source and fully featured . Works great for Mobile and Desktop :)