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Hugo Di Francesco
Hugo Di Francesco

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How long is a new feature/page expected to take?

One of my mentees just asked me
"When working for a company, what is the expected timeline for a new feature/page?"

What would your answer be?

I've created a poll on Twitter if you're more into that:

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Leonardo Teteo

Like almost everything in tech: it depends. If it is something small you can start at the morning and finish by lunch, if it's something complicated you can take days or weeks to finish. It's something you have to analyze case by case.

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Jeremy Forsythe

The question shows either a fundamental misunderstanding or a fear of not being fast enough. Depending on the company, that may or may not be an unfounded fear.

The simple but useless answer is that it should take as long as the feature takes to develop, or some additional time for juniors.