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Hugo Hamel
Hugo Hamel

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How many of you have invested in their self-development and done inner work?

Before realizing on what I should focus on and what my purpose was, I was in the agency world, and close from the infoproduct world.

I came to realize that there's a lot of programs that exist for this audience (agencies and coaches with a course). Most of these programs are steps by steps on how to do X (often sales related) or on how to improve their mindset to scale their business.

When I switched to focusing more on my craft of being an "optimizer" (problem solver) by focusing on being more a maker, I noticed that there's not much of these type of programs.

I am still new to this new "indie" and "maker" world, so maybe I simply have not been exposed to it enough, but I am curious, how many of you have been doing some inner work?

And what have been your experience so far as a creator regarding your personal growth?

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Thomas Hansen

Funny, I was listening to a Tao Te Ching reading earlier this morning on YouTube. I wish more "professionals" would follow suite. If not the Tao, at least "something" ...

...or at least every now and then ...