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THE BEST NEW JavaScript Framework 2022

I see a lot of developers looking for guidance around what new framework to learn, or what is the best programming language to learn. I think the best advice I can give to people is a brief explanation of what frameworks are and why they exist, rather than calling out whatever the hot new framework is.
My second best piece of advice is to lookup a few companies they may want to work for and see what kind of developers they are looking for. Most postings have their stack included. Just learn whatever is listed in their requirements.
Before diving into frameworks, I will take a step back to answer the question about what programming language is best to learn.

Okay now applying what we know about programming languages, you may be wondering why there are so many frameworks. Let's begin with an example. Say you are creating a new website, and you are starting from scratch. You create your homepage and start adding in additional pages, having to type in links for each new page.
You realize that you could write a JavaScript function that could find any files under a specific folder called "pages" put the name of those files into an array, then loop through the array and spit out a link. It would look something like this:


Function createNavigation() {
     Let navArray = Array()
     let pages = getFiles("../pages")
     For page in pages {
          navArray.push(<a href="./page">page</a>)
 Return navArray
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You would be very happy with yourself because now you have saved yourself some time creating these links manually. You think to yourself, what else could I do to help save myself time? Before too long, you are adding more functions and it becomes a package, eventually you add more and more until this becomes its own framework. A lot of these frameworks end up getting open sourced and other contributors start to add in their own ways to help "improve" it.
As an example this is how you go from JavaScript to React. React is just a framework with a lot of features that help make writing traditional JavaScript easier. Anything you can do with React, you could do with JavaScript, with a lot more code. What makes this really shine though is Nodejs, which is a backend framework where the server can dynamically update the JavaScript that is being sent from the server to the client.
All in all I hope this quick synopsis helps illuminate why it can be so difficult to really compare frameworks and programming languages. It boils down to personal preference, or maybe company preference in a professional setting.

The Answer

I'll leave you with my opinion on the best JavaScript Framework in 2022.


It really doesn't make sense for most front end teams to not use React.
If you are familiar with React and are interested in React specific frameworks, I am a big fan of Remix, while it abstracts some things to make them easier, it really stays close to web fundamentals instead of obscure framework specific features. Top runner up is NextJS, which has a lot more support.

Remember there is no wrong answer! Start building!

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