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Implementing api

Passionate about CSS JavaScript and node Paving my way to the heart of fullstack. Sophomore year and super excited to start a project soon. Have a great day
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Hey everyone. It's an absolute pleasure to write something again.
Since the past couple of days I've been busy with my university exams (footnote: still not over 😐).
But I still managed to learn ReactJS and Java.

And here is what I made as my very first single page application.
Not technically but still it's something more then a frekin TODO app lol

my app tablet view

Yep! A beautiful implementation of API.

It isn't my idea per say but this application is till not complete. This is just a branch of it.
I want to implement so much more in it after this. NO SPOILERS. Just stay tuned you won't be disappointed.

my experience

Since the very day I started to learn I knew about git bash. Still I just use to drag and drop my code everywhere. But while making this I thought of using it. I wanted to see how version control works. Well I'd say it is the best tool after vs code.

I also deployed it on AWS.But there are some issues in it. Idk why one of my stylesheet isn't loading.
What a pity Mr Jeff lol

AWS Deployment -- here

That should actually look like this.
And it must also include my search box.

mobile view

Despite of that I also found out the topics that I don't know enough.
This project is more of less like stepping stones but the next version is going to be amazing. I can feel it.

You can checkout my repository here.

I learned a lot and I feel good about it.

I'm down for suggestions and hope you may like it.
I have also opened up some issues in the repositories. Feel free to check'em out and comment .
Other then that a special thanks to @mwrpwr for his article regarding API. Since this is my first API I wanted someone to show me how to use it and @coffeestasia for that amazing article on portfolio website. Because I will include full version of this app in my portfolio with proper styling n all.

Goodreads :)

Oh shoot did I forgot to mention.
I launched an npm package


which is nothing but my boilerplate for my react apps.
You can check it out here

It's amazing for beginners still I just think it's better than create react app.

And done! That's it for today.

Thanks for reading.
Have a beautiful day.πŸ˜€

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Maxine Meurer

Beautiful application! Fantastic work

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Forem Open with the Forem app