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Atulit Anand
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Day #14-#20 of 100DaysOfCode

25 April to 1st May

Yepp, you got it right.
I'm back, as matter of fact I never broke my streak just ups and downs as usual.

While making the shopping cart app I realized that I need to learn React router in greater detail so I followed my gut that led me to start another course. Making apps with Flux and React.
Despite the fact that Flux is super cool to use, I learned that
the separation of concerns is a pretty big deal in the world of programming.

Flux is nothing but a simple library provided by Facebook to implement retrieving and loading of data effectively.
It's a sum total of four things

  • Action
  • Dispatcher
  • Store
  • React UI

They literally do the same task as their name suggests.

Anyway, that's not the main part, here the main thing is that we use flux in order to separate manipulation of data and rendering a component based on that data.
That's not it, we also separate our component into two parts

  • Dumb component
  • Smart component

A dumb component as the name suggests is dumb, i.e it contains the real markup (JSX) that is going to be rendered.

Whereas a smart component is a bridge that asks the Store for data via the Flux API and then pass it down to its dumb child so that it may render it.

And there you go separation of concerns at a whole new level.

I just wanna put it here that we don't need flux at all but it just provides us with an interface and since it's all about declarative programming why be a B about it.

With that said, now I'll work using these new tools that I just earned. 😁

I chose Django for the back end. I also installed ruby on rails on my computer as well but still meh.

I don't even know how to make a loop in ruby why to learn a new language when ruby on rails is just 0.7% faster than Django.

Although I could use some advice about which database I should learn first. Considering I have never even touched a soul till now.
I have installed PostgreSQL and Mongo on my pc but IDK, not sure.
See where it takes me.

If any one of you smart people would like to help me out, I'd really appreciate that.

That's how I spent my last couple of days.
Let me know if there is anything that I can do better in the comments or anything literally. Always happy to receive comments.

Thanks for joining me.😀
Have a wonderful day.🌷

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