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#11 of 100DaysOfCode

Eleventh Day.
Today is all about routing.

List Of Things That I Learned Today

  • How to use React Router? Just a note: React Router is a beautiful third-party library that can be used to implement lightning-fast client-side routing on our react application. It's a beauty for real. Most of all you can declare patterns to get your routes and then we can just use the useParams hook to read the route.
  • Reading routes via use params.
  • Applying a 404 page: Nothing too serious just check if you have received the data, if not return markup for 404 page.
  • Implementing client-side navigation.
  • Redirecting using the useNavigate hook.
  • Link and NavLink components
  <Link to='/nameOfTheRoute' >
    <Element you want to show/> or Text
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Link is just a smart cousin of anchor tag it just got to attribute instead of href plus it's smart.

    <Element you want to show/> or Text
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Link is smart but so is NavLink the only additional functionally it provides as you can see is activeStyle attribute and that is quite literal.
The additional styles that a nav link gets after we click on it.

And that's all for today.😀
Thanks for joining me, comment down below if you got any suggestions.
Have a wonderful day.🌷

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Atulit Anand

Code formatting is pretty bad I agree. I just don't know how to do it in here.
If you got any ideas or tricks please feel free to share.