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How can you gain traffic in

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OK to be clear, I'm still a newbie on this platform. But the first post I posted on last week gained 2,000+ views, and more than 70 reactions in total. It was a very big surprise to me which the numbers are so much higher than I expected. Here's the post last week:

I was very intrigued by these numbers, and have been trying to understand the actions behind the posts, I guess the good content affect the most, obviously, the title itself also plays a very important role. As from the previous post of mine, I used [Best of 2021] in the topic, that's what I guess it attracts such major traffic to me.

Since I'm planning to share more knowledge and informative contents in the future, I'd like to know if there is any tips from you guys, that can boost the views and traffic to a post? Thanks in advance! ;)

I guess I'm not the only one who are in need with the answer of this question, so I hope this post can be a preference for those who need it.

And from the previous post, I shared about the tool that I developed with my team, it's a tool that helps building a Responsive Webpage 10x Faster, feel free to check that out if you're interested in Front End Development!

Go check out pxCode by the link below

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Andrew Baisden

Write useful interesting articles that people care about and share them on social media to gain more exposure. Timing is also important because everyone is in a different time zone so you are likely to get more views depending on the time of day. Posting articles on weekdays is best in my opinion that is when most are in work mode and more likely to check the website.

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What about this post?🙄