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Web Development in 2022

What will web development be like in 2022? What do I wish webdev will be? What are my plans as a web developer?

2022 Web Development Trends 🔮❓

TODO: I will add actual web trends to this section after the upcoming conferences (beyond tellerrand, Never Code Alone, and local meetups like Sustainable Offsite Meetup and CSS Café), and possibly add even more research and survey results like State of CSS 2021 when they will be available.

TODO: change cover image that still shows 2021 color palette

Design Trends

Apart from technological innovations for programmers, I will also keep an eye on design trends, like featured colors, palettes, typography, as well as fresh and useful UX and UI ideas.

Unlock the Fonts, Unlock the Fun

At beyond tellerrand Conference in November 2021, Ulrike Rausch and Bianca Berning showed how variable fonts, color fonts, handwritten fonts (using ligatures and other open type features to avoid repetitious glyphs),color fonts, and even variable color fonts could be the next big trend in web design.

Accessibility 👓

At the same conference, Molly Watt and Karl Groves showed benefits and failed attempts at accessibility and proved the point, that most people make use of assistive technology at least once in their life.

Parent Selectors

When working on front-end web projects, I often have to resort to solutions that would have been easier and more clear to code if CSS had parent selectors.

Parent selectors and proper container queries will hopefully land in CSS soon. At the time of writing, this is mostly to state my opinion as a developer. I am pretty sure, that the latest state of CSS survey will point in the same direction, but we will have to see.

My Plans

Actually I do not plan to follow trends, but I will not ignore them either. I value stable and long-lasting software, especially in the open source, which is why I plan to focus even more on classic front-end technologies like HTML and CSS, as well as on Symfony-based software like Shopware 6.

Sustainability over Syntactic Sugar 🍂🍯

What we need most of all, in my opinion, is more sustainability and accessibility. To me, this is far more important than another feature or framework that offers some new "syntactic sugar" or slightly more elegant coding style. No matter if you like optional chaining and arrow functions, coding in JavaScript seems to become more graphical and more compact as the language keeps evolving.

My Wishes as a Developer 🤓🎨

That being said, there are some upcoming features that I hope to use in 2022, especially in CSS. We have long been waiting for Container Queries and Parent Selectors, and there are some new CSS features like content-visibility that I did not use in production yet.

I also wish to continue my exploration of a light-weight full-stack set-up using TypeScript and Tailwind CSS that I started as a side project in 2021, thanks to my old friend and fellow developer Andy Weisner.

Open Source and Sustainability

I hope that diagnostic tools for Web Vitals and sustainable web development will offer more details and transparency than WebsiteCarbon currently does.

Last, but not least, I oppose Chrome's domination of the browser ecosystem. While I mainly use Vivaldi, which is based on Chromium, I keep using alternative user agents like Firefox and Edge (which is also based on Chromium). At least the alternative Chromium-based projects refuse to blindly follow every bad idea that comes from Google, like FLOC or the forceful deprecation of alert() which had already shipped to Chrome releases in 2021.


to be continued...

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Ingo Steinke Author

As a first update to my plans and predictions for web development, I added some inspiration that I got at beyond tellerrand conference 2021 earlier this week.

Not all of it is new, but some of it has been underrated or not been supported or popular enough until now, like using Open-Type font features for more realistic handwritten effects or color font animations, as well as trying to combine variable fonts and color fonts.

Also added CSS parent selectors and container queries even before the official outcome of state of CSS 2021 and official browser feature roadmaps.

I will keep updating this post until the end of the year, and probably add some review on my early predictions once 2022 has begun.