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Sustainable Open Source Ecosystem with IssueHunt

Sustainability of open-source has been talked over and over again.

As a maintainer, we have been developing an open-source project called Boostnote, and we’ve got over 8,400 Github stars in 2 years.

Through its maintenance made us realize how great open-source community is.


What is IssueHunt?

IssueHunt is the funding platform for OSS.

Any issues on open-source projects can be funded by anyone and that money will be distributed to maintainers and contributors.

I discussed about open-source ecosystem and IssueHunt concept with the Boostnote team repeatedly. We actually also discussed with Matz who father of Ruby.

For the proof of the concept, at first we provided it as a bounty program to the Boostnote community.

As a result, many funded issues were solved through this program in a few days, and our community was further boosted.
All of contributions were truly amazing.

So we decided to launch IssueHunt!


Our mission is to maintain an environment where maintainers and contributors can freely develop their strengths, reach their potential and be motivated from open-source community.

We are dedicating ourselves to making that happen!

As same as issues of Boostnote are already funded on IssueHunt, your open-source projects can be also started funding from now.

Thank you,

The BoostIO Team

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daniel123 profile image

Hi Ben, I'm so sorry for late reply.

Quick question: does this mean that the maintainer of the project can keep up to 20% of the bounty, and the rest goes to the contributor who submitted the PR?

-> Yes!

is it possible for multiple people to add money to a bug bounty, or can each bounty only be funded by a single donor?

-> Multiple people can fund money to each issues.

Thanks for your question! If there are any questions, I'm happy to support!