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How YOU can use Formik to manage your React forms

Formik is a great library for React that makes form management real easy.

  •  Formik, part I

    • Forms overview, discussing Forms in general and different form libraries
    • Set up, we will cover how to install and set up a React project with Formik so you after the end of this section have a “Hello World” version working
    • Taking it for a spin, here we will create a relatively realistic Form example that includes most types of form fields Validation types, there is more than one way to validate like every time the field value change or when you shift focus from one field to the next. Let's look at how to shift between these two modes
  • Formik, partII

    • Schema Validation with Yup, there is an alternate way to validate your input elements and that is by declaring a schema in Yup and simply assign that to an attribute on the Formik component
    • Async validation
    • Built-in components, make everything less verbose using some of Formiks built-in components

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Isaac Tait

Awesome, just learned about Formik yesterday on Scrimba's React course. Thanks for this.

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Chris Noring

hi Isaac. Glad it's helpful :)