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Learn Docker in this 5 part series

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  • Sign up for a free Azure account To use containers in the Cloud like a private registry you will need a free Azure account
  • Docker part I - basics This part covers what Docker is and why I think you should use it. It brings up concepts such as images and containers and takes you through building and running your first container
  • Docker part II - volumes this is about Volumes and how we can use volumes to persist data but also how we can turn our development environment into a Volume and make our development experience considerably better
  • Docker part III - databases, linking and networks this is about how to deal with Databases, putting them into containers and how to make containers talk to other containers using legacy linking but also the new standard through networks
  • Docker part IV - introducing Docker Compose this is how we manage more than one service using Docker Compose ( this is 1/2 part on Docker Compose)
  • Docker part V- going deeper with Docker Compose this part is the second and concluding part on Docker Compose where we cover Volumes, Environment Variables and working with Databases and Networks

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Why your links don't work

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Chris Noring

Hi Ahmad, I just tried all the links, they work fine for me? This series is also posted on my personal blog