Tic Tac Toe Python The Classic TicTacToe Game in Python

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So, the best and the most fun way to learn any programming language for me has always been by developing a fun project like a simple game or some project that I would use in my daily life.

So, when I started to learn Python, I started with this No Starch Press published book “Automate The Boring Stuff With Python” which is just awesome and If you are looking for a book to get started learning python, I would recommend you to go through this book. Its very beginner-friendly and it covers almost all the basic topics of python. So, while solving the exercises in this book, I came across this TicTacToe game implementation in python.

And Now Play Time:


Checkout the Full code explanation here.

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Could you please add more context to this post?


Sure. Can you elaborate particularly what should i add/change?


Sure. As a community mod, I find this purely promotional.

You can add at least 1 or 2 snippets of code with an explanation of what they do.


Okay. Changed it. Thanks for the suggestion.


if count == 9:
print("\nGame Over.\n")

print("It's a Tie!!")

I think after this line a break is missing.