Do you say jeh-veh-script, jah-vah-script or something else?

jasterix profile image Jasterix ・1 min read

I always thought everyone pronounced it the same way.
But I recently watch a video where the speaker called it jeh-(rhymes with meh)-veh-script.

How common is this pronunciation?


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In Russia there are some people who use [yah-vah], because the Java island and some cigarettes ”Ява" are pronounsed as Yah-vah (ya like in yacht).


I was thinking something similar. It could easily be because of the YouTuber's native accent.


Can't say I've ever heard someone say "Java" like "Jehveh". Pretty sure that would make me twitch harder than listening to people mispronounce Azure. :p


Which is...? jAHva or jEHva?


I mean, where did jeh-veh-script come from?