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Where Do You Host Your Websites?

I recently saved over $100 from switching one of my static sites over to Netlify (Starter Tier, free), which seems to be one of the more popular hosting options - there are SO many free options to host your static website on these days.

Whether it's a static or dynamic, where did you choose to host your website(s)? Are you using the free or paid tier of your hosting service? Do you separate your static from your dynamic websites when it comes down to where it's hosted?

If you have a favorite hosting service/platform (for static and/or dynamic sites), please share it below!

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Galuh Utama

I recently saved over $100 from switching one of my static sites over to Netlify

I hope you meant annually and not monthly.

Ah yes. Netlify is the geocities of 2020.

Nowadays I rent my VMs either from DigitalOcean, Vultr or Hetzner Cloud. 2,5 bucks / month for a VM at Hetzner won’t break my bank.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

To my experience, it still depends on self-hosted software requirements, so not necessarily 2,5 bucks / month.

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Galuh Utama • Edited

I'm not sure what you meant with self-hosted software requirements.

For hosting static sites you literally only need a web server.

I have been renting VMs from various providers since 2006 and haven't paid extra costs for software, except when I need to separate database server from the web server.

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Bobby Iliev

I host all of my websites with DigitalOcean. I love the simple pricing and flexibility.

Also, it is great to see that they are expanding their managed products as well.

But besides all that best thing is their tutorials and the community.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

Speed-focusing of websites, that maybe powered by APIs, I also prefer Netlify.

  • APIs can also be hosted on Netlify lambda
  • I do feel that Vercel maybe easier as well as reliable to host APIs, though.

Heroku is good to host most things, as long as it is stateless, not only static websites, but also including Docker. You might not like it when you go beyond free tier, though.

  • I chose Google Cloud Run to host Docker containers instead.
  • Ones with database may work with Heroku as well, if you can host the database outside, or use a plugin

I also have tried things like DigitalOcean Droplets, AWS EC2, and Google's variant

  • I feel that it is harder to make secure.
  • Maybe I have to learn more about Site Reliability Engineering concepts
  • Also, starting prices are more expensive than free. Starting from around 5 USD/mo. (i.e. 60 USD/y.)
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Glenn Carremans

I have a DigitalOcean droplet, I prefer having root access and tweaking the configs.
My default setup is Ubuntu + Nginx + PHP + MySQL

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Robert Schleinhege

I host my websites on Deploy Now by IONOS, a product I brought to market together with my team. We also provide a convenient way to deploy static sites via GitHub (Actions) - and are currently working on making the same convenience possible for PHP apps inclusing databases. So you could manage both, static and dynamic sites, with the same tooling. Feel free to give it a try and drop me some feedback :-)

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Abhishar Jangir

I'm using AWS free tier.

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I use Google Firebase.

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EddiesTech • Edited

@glitch , fullstop.