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dev.to Monthly Report -- January 2018

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) Updated on ・2 min read

Happy February, everyone!!

January was busy to say the least. Let's go over some of the highlights:

Sustaining Members: We launched a pay-what-you-can model for memberships last week, and we already have over 100 sustaining members! We're so appreciative of the early support and are working hard to provide more perks and interesting goodies for you all.

Workshop Pass: Every sustaining member who contributes $25+/month will have access to DEV workshops! This is a new initiative for us and we're excited to kick off February with some awesome speakers (looking at you @aspittel , @cassidoo , @annarankin -- oh, and @ben )

Scholarships: We don't want anyone to feel excluded from opportunities, so we've created a scholarship fund for dev.to members that are interested in DEV workshops but don't have the means to be a sustaining member. We encourage anyone interested to apply.

Ask Me Anything!: Another highlight this month was an AMA with @sandimetz -- as a Ruby shop ourselves, it was particularly exciting to have her be our guest this month. If there's anyone specific you'd like to hear from, let me know.

New Team Member: We welcomed a new team member on board, Liana! She's an expert at juggling a million things at once and we're so excited to have her on the team. She's already organizing some awesome workshops and turning photography & video production into a real strength of ours.

Features: We introduced a several new things this month, including the oft-requested reading list. It is already a nice area to manage and sort any posts you might have found interesting but did not have the urge or time to read it at the moment. This is a space we plan to improve on in the future as a way to manage the content most interesting to you.

Some Numbers: We are up to 56,000 registered devs and had a little over 1.1 million sessions in January. About 2,000 total posts were added to folks' reading lists this month since we launched the feature. It's nice to see some initial use of this and we're excited to see how we can make it more useful.

As always, we're here to answer any questions on the above updates, or anything else. Thanks for another great month!


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Ben Halpern

It was a very important month for us to launch some of these fundamental initiatives that will support everything we do in 2018 and beyond, and I am super excited to kick off my workshops, so you should definitely get a membership for that.

But I am also very happy to get the chance to turn back to less deadline-driven activities in the form of ongoing improvements to the site. There are many features on the backlog and many improvements to usability that need to happen and bugs that need to be ironed out. I think we're only scratching the surface on what an ideal experience is for all members and I am so excited to take some big leaps with all of you.

Happy coding!

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Peter Kim Frank

I'm constantly blown away by the curiosity, knowledge, goodness, and compassion of the community members here on dev.to.

January was a big month for releasing long-term initiatives in the form of sustaining memberships, scholarships, workshops, and our first sponsorships. We're just in the early stages on each of these pushes, and we'll continue working hard to ensure that the new offerings truly enrich your experience of being a member here.

Thanks for everything, and on to another great month!

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Guido Vizoso

I really like the way you're driven the site and the community! Keep the good work!

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Alex Rudenko

Do you plan to launch company blogs?

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

If you mean companies posting content from their account, we actually have that!

Here's an example from Nylas.

And what one of their posts looks like.