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Una Kravets.
Kent C. Dodds.
Chris Coyier.


Joel Spolsky or Jeff Atwood would be amazing. Sara Soueidan and Sarah Drasner are a couple of my favorite devs, I'd be jazzed about them as well.


Personally, would also love to see more folks from the hardware side talk about both their past (tech origin stories) and future (why should everyone tap into their inner "maker" mentality) - ex: Limor Fried, Becky Stern, Sophi Kravitz (who I know and absolutely admire) have all inspired me with their creative projects.


Here's my suggestion



If possible Jason fried,dhh or any other experienced software devs .


@nitya & @yvette have already been AMA guests!

Jason Fried & DHH are great suggestions though :)


Yeah DHH would be more relevant, but if Jason jumped in in addition, that would work for me. They're definitely partners in all of David's work.

Why I asked them is they are more than just software devs .

They run a great business in a simple , but elegant way.

Their book Getting Real is much like checklist for startups .

Their books and blogs is entirely based app n their and their team's experience.

We can a lot more from such multi talented people .


How about Jason Miller, a.k.a. Mr. Preact now Googler, jasonformat.com? It would be fitting as well since I believe the dev.to team mentioned there is some "Preact"ness to dev.to now?


Joni Trythall - Partner at YupGup, creator of a lot of neat resources about web dev

Jag Talon - Dev at DuckDuckGo, creator of the Friends Talk Frontend podcast

Lynne Tye @lynnetye - Creator of a sweet resource for folks looking for jobs based on culture alignment, KeyValues

Alonso Martinez - Works at Pixar and also created a really sweet looking bot named Mira using a Raspberry Pi.

Ionica Bizau - Ionica has created a lot of really great Node packages that I use for my projects.

Katy DeCorah - She is a dev/magician hybrid. I'm always amazed at the bots and integrations that Katy comes up with.

Linda Liukas - Illustrator and creator of the Hello Ruby book that teaches kids about computers.


Haha thanks Lynne. Just sharing work I admire and would love to hear more from the creators behind them. Also to share your and the work of others with more people who might find that it is awesome sauce!


Kenneth Reitz
Jessie Frazelle
Ashley McNamara
Cassidy Williams
Brian Ketelsen
Ives van Hoorne


May I also suggest Barbara Liskov. She is a pioneer. I recently read an interview with her and she is still very much active.


How about Harrison Kinsley? He's a youtuber who teaches Python programming

Here's his twitter:


Aras Pranckevičius because I love his view on this tiny thread. I would have questions on developing an industry in a country that pretty much does not have it.


I would like to see @moshhamedani, my favorite Udemy teacher 🙌🏻


Best instructor I've ever seen.


Rachel Andrew - twitter.com/rachelandrew
Jen Simmons - twitter.com/jensimmons

Highlight their amazing work bringing CSS Grid to the browser.


Fran (Frances) Allen. I would love to hear her perspective on where things are in computing today, and also where she believes they are going in the future. Would also be neat to hear about what it was like to receive the Turing award (including what it was like to be first woman to receive the award after it had been in existence for 40-ish yrs by the time she won).


Oh but you do Jag! @ben @jess @peter can we make it happen please 🙏?