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Requests for DEV posts (May 8 edition)

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

This is a new weekly thread where folks can request blog posts covering a topic, or several topics.

For example

I'm looking for an article explaining "proof of stake" in blockchain


I'd love to read a post about moving to San Francisco for a job

If you see something you want to write about, leave a comment that you plan to write about it. More than one person can leave that comment.

Once you have written the post, either @ mention the requestee as a comment in your new post or reply to them again in the thread where they requested it.

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I have a couple requests:

Elixir for dummies

Rust for dummies

Asking for a friend 🙃


Just for clarification, are these requests not satisfied by existing introductory blog articles or sites , like learn X in Y minutes?

Just trying to understand if there is a specific angle you’re looking for in these articles.

I’m currently learning Rust, so it might be nice for me to use this opportunity to teach while I learn ;)


In thinking about this more, it might be more "Rust for busy, distracted, or lazy devs".

In general I know why I might want to get into Rust, I've read the code, but I haven't taken the leap because I just haven't gotten over the hump of real trial.

I'm not sure what it is but I feel like I really need to be spoon-fed some simple examples and the steps on how to recreate/run the examples.

Maybe "Rust for those who have been meaning to get around to it but haven't mustered up the energy".

These are all thoughts. I'm acknowledgedly being lazy but I know there are other lazies out there.


I was following this hilarious Twitter thread the other day:

It got me wondering — what are the parallels in programming?

What tools, services, libraries, protocols, etc. do programmers use every day, but don't have a real appreciation for what's going on under the hood? I feel like that could make for some fun and engaging write-ups.

Sort of like the content that would fit in Ruby Under a Microscope.


Like what happens when I type a single character inside a code block in Visual Studio. I know it is going to a language service to validate syntax and whatnot. But I'm sure about a million other things happen.


I very very very briefly touched on this every so lightly in this post:

I linked the lack of awareness of all things under the hood as, at least, a partial cause of the impostor syndrome.


I get that prompts can be helpful for people who want to write and aren't sure what to cover, but when all four top-level requests are from site staff I can't help but think y'all are trying too hard to set the course.


Hmm perhaps. But I can definitely assure you that it was moreso that we were all sitting in the room and we wanted to give the thread some early examples in case the purpose of the thread wasn't clear. I'd love to see some other posts rise to the top.


There's no "perhaps": it is what I think! :) But it's important to keep in mind that as the staff, when you suggest topics you're asking people to work for you for free -- and that's something to do very, very delicately. Piling in to frontload a request for content like this is anything but.

Thanks so much for the perspective Dian. Was definitely not where our head was at with this, and totally hear where you are coming from.


I'm sure there are many avid readers in this community - and I'm always interested in good books. Therefore I'd love to read book reviews (did a quick search, at this very moment, there are three on this platform ;) ). And since studying a tech book requires quite a bit more time commitment than reading a nice, dense blog post, I could imagine that it would not only be I, who'd appreciate help when it comes to choosing the next read.


oooh, great idea. @peter this has your name all over it!


I'd also love to see a post on the Stimulus JS framework if anyone has given it a try.


you now have a few.... :)
personnaly it is now a no brainer, unless I have a very complex UI to do, I put everything into Stimulus controllers. Makes the code so much easier to read and maintain


Would love to see a beginner/intro to Webpack post!


A bit far fetched, but I would love it if someone wrote a tutorial on how to write a web server using Haskell that's less esoteric than usual.


I would love to see some non-standard Clojure and ClojureScript getting started guides. Specifically I'm on Windows and I don't want to use Emacs, but probably VS Code instead.


I'd love to see a post about using CI to test open source libraries against multiple versions of languages and frameworks.

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