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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read

It's the end of the week...you know what that means...

Weekly retro time!

Looking back, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small!

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting to all your meetings on time
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‰


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This week, I...saw this in my google feed!

But in reality land, if this article didn't get posted today I would have felt like I had nothing to say. I had a pretty off week -- maybe it was just adjusting from coming back from a mini vacation, or the constant gloomy overcast or both, but I had a lot of internal resistance when it came to getting deep work done.

I think my biggest win (or a much needed reminder) was/is to cut myself some slack when I'm in this state and not get overwhelmed with negative thoughts about my own performance or productivity.

The business insider feature was truly uplifting though :)


That is so cool, congratulations! I would be on Cloud9 if that happened to me. Keep up the great work. Fight the good fight!

This week, I...

Actually, just today, I got a new guitar!!

Gretsch Streamliner!

... it's a Gretsch Streamliner G2655, for anyone that's into this sorta thing.

Looks like I'll be rocking out to the blues this weekend! 😎🎸


Ooh nice! When I have some extra spending money, I want one of these. Only about $2k new. Oof.


Oh awesome. That's a beautiful bass! Kinda reminds me of the Joe Dart Bass that just went on sale today! Not sure if you're familiar with Vulfpeck (gotta love their site)... if not, then check'em out and enjoy the funk!

It's an Ernie Ball bass, just like the Stingray!


Vulfpeck are pretty good! This is one of my favorites of theirs:

VERY late to the party, but I have to inform you all that my life is now complete: Vulfpeck is on dev.to


Thankya much! And confirm that it plays as nice as it looks... was a good weekend!


Did you know the Beatles played Gretch Guitars early on. I think the song "Nowhere Man" had Gretch guitars jingling in the background. Such a nice sound.


I did not know that, but that's super cool! I def dig the Beatles and guess what I bought myself for Christmas...


That's a Vox AC-15. I know the Beatles were famous for using Voxes! πŸ˜€

My Gretsch has a little extra jangle now. 🎸


I'm sorry. Nowhere Man did not have Gretch, but others did.


I'm really happy we shipped this:

It's not fully fleshed out, but it will open up a lot of doors in providing the best possible experience to all users.


Cool! I just started my blog this week and I'm thinking about doing that. Seems like it would be helpful.


This week, I had a job interview to become a front-end developer!


I believe, I finally managed to wrap my head around vim and it's plugins.
Just took me like... half a year πŸ˜“

Also I finally managed to delete my last Windows Installation and am now running 100% powered by Linux.


Now you're on a good path :)


This week, I...

  • Spoke at my 4th national conference and the feedback I got was it was the best talk of the day.
  • Wrapped up my mentoring engagement that dev.to started
  • Got a lead on some new consulting work
  • Chatted with a role model about some consulting topics
  • Scheduled some pair programming with someone who is amazing (May be a stream that I'll post here if we do that)


This week, I...finally published my first article on dev.to πŸŽ‰

Making git commit messages useful with Jira, Jenkins and scopes


This week, I... made a stacked area line chart in d3. I made it accessible which was a huge challenge but very fulfilling! I made sure you could access the data points with a keyboard, didn't depend on color to reflect meaning, and that read the data outloud when you tabbed to the area.

man screaming from side to side with his hands near his face.


Geez! I’m exhausted just reading that. Way to go. That’s a huge win!


This week, I

A: reached 400+ followers on the awesome Dev.To Community πŸ™ŒπŸ».
B: I earned my first €70 Ads income on my blogs
(mainly, thanks to Shipharder.com)


This week, I...
figured out a lingering problem with my flagship, get me hired app. I really struggled understanding the library and the library authors React component example. Ive wrestled with this for two years now.

The other day I was looking for the issue I raised; no music, just me and the code and...well...it all began to make sense. I thought I'd need some sort of state management when really, all I had to do was pass a function as a prop to another component.

I also figured out, without much help, how to implement search on my blog. Yes, I used a pre-made component but I struggled with gatsby-plugin-algolia and getting the hits on my blog to index, as well as figuring out an undefined slug and 404 page when I would search in a test, click the article, and it wouldn't work.

It took me at least 10 hours over a period of two days to figure out my bug and hack some stuff together. Once I figured it out I was...ecstatic.

Two wins in one week. I'll take it.


This week, I... Set up SSL on an aws elastic instance! It was my first time working with aws and docker containers so I hit a few walls I definitely overlooked in the heat of the moment, but I'm glad I didn't pass it to someone else on the team (that's how I ended up with it haha).



This week, I...successfully installed Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro with Bootcamp so I can play Overwatch when I should be working πŸ‘€


Ha ha ha! A win...is a win. Nice!

  1. One of our pipelines that was red all week finally went green right before it was time for me to leave today!

  2. After a long break I finally got a blog post up:


This week, I finally upgraded my development server to PHP 7.2! It only took about 30 minutes, on account of my having meticulously documented the entire server configuration in Sphinx, and always updating it as I change the system.


This week, I...

Learned how to use Pandoc to combine multiple markdown files into one big html file.

pandoc (ls *.md).Name --ascii -o tfs-setup.html


That way, I could break the documentation into sections and re-arrange them by only changing file names!


This week, I achieved the perfect number of followers on dev.to!


Seriously though, I appreciate everyone who is following me. I don't post a ton, but I'm glad what I do put out there is useful to a the few of you out there so I guess I better keep at it πŸ˜„ Stay 1337!


This week, I...


Thank you! It was really cool to recount what I had been able to achieve in such a shitty week and realize Woot! Great job! :D

All thanks to Teo who has honed my focus to be razor sharp XD


This week, I...

  • Released a new Crystal library
  • Announced the first RubyConf in Thailand to a wider audience (tweet)
  • Crossed 1000 Twitter followers
  • Actually managed to go to the gym 4 times
  • Finally read a book by Epictetus


My question is I can create an app and make it as accomplishment of the week? And how to share it on this platform


Sure can, just wait for next week's post. Or if you don't want to wait, just write a post yourself.


This week, I... Had my first pull request accepted for an open source project in a couple of years.


This week I made a code change that replaced two jobs with one and sped it up 10x!!!


This week, I...

  • published my first npm package
  • solved a tricky problem in a side project


This week, I helped coordinate a global meetup of 100+ participants in Slack. It was a blast and next weekend we're going to try YouTube Live Streaming

Happy Meetup


This week, I...

  • Published my first technical article πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  • Wrote my second ever talk proposal for a tech conference 🀞🀞🀞🀞
  • Shared my visions for future coding projects with people who share my passions β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

This week, I... got a response from another department in my company that they want to work with me. after so many blown interviews


This week, my team and I launched DEV CLI on ProductHunt! Much gratitude to the DEV team!


This week, I finished a first-step effort to stop using a proprietary software package by reimplementing the features we need for one of our apps. Took a few weeks to get it all in place, but it will simplify parts of our actual app significantly.


This week, I starteda crazy idea! I'm up to learning how to write a script for a script. Wanted to do it long time ago, but didn't come across an opportunity for learning it.
The idea is to allow things like taking 20k lines of code ylu don't know and finding for instance all the impacts of a variable to rewrite a usage of it. Basically it means when i finish the ramp up, I will be able to parse crazy project with insane amount of code and modify them.


This week, I...went on a weekend getaway after being holed in at home for months :D

Here's a panorama I took of a place I saw just this evening photos.app.goo.gl/w7zbwryKpznG7P6P7


This week, one repo I have created with a list of resources about mental health in the software industry to bring awareness about the topic has reached 1k stars, and it started to get new issues and pull requests of people contributing with new resources 😊


You can check the repo here: awesome-mental-health


This week, I finished my portfolio websiteπŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Feel free to check it outπŸ€—πŸ€—:



This week, I...was able to create full end-to-end pipeline using builtkite/gradle/helm/chartmuseum etc... point being: github > buildkite > build& deploy > K8s


This week, I...

I have been working from home the last few weeks due to a broken leg. I've finally started ramping my hours up to be working full-time (I need the money) but I was able to complete a full database creation and insert/update script for our new environment.


This week, I... debugged a distributed system where the exact same code on 2 different nodes which was working previously was no longer working. Made me question the determinism of computers and nature of reality


This week, I learnt how to compile multiple sass files and output multiple CSS files...thanks to Emma wedekind

many approach I saw online everything was into a single file style.css


Wow... Idk there is tagging on this platform... I would have tag her...


This week, I uploaded the first three videos for my upcoming online course (The Mindful Developer). So satisfying, it’s been in the pipeline forever!


This week, I...was able to make the dadjoke api work with the twitter api to tweet random jokes on my twitter, then binged on You and The Umbrella Academy on Netflix πŸ˜†


This week, I...

  • Finished a couple of new features on my side project and deployed it.
  • Bought a domain for my personal site to be done with gatsby
  • Published an article here

Lot of commits to my Android App...apart from that I have started to write simple Python malware for Windows (of course for educational purposes only ). Otherwise, nothing new.


This week, I...
… restarted our YMCA membership, rounded up the whole family, and went to the gym four days in a row for the first time since injuring my leg last July. I'm sore.
How I Gym


This week, I...finally published a post I've been sitting on for weeks and found a decent place to post it.


This week, I...

Switched a job! Yesterday, actually, but I really love it! Plus, yesterday marks exactly one month after my marriage 8)


This week, I...started working on my free web development course that'll go on for free with no ads on my youtube channel.

And i also got contacted by my university to start working and collaborating with them on a new educational web app!


This week, I released my first Rails gem for authenticating APIs using JWT.




This week, I...

Finally understood how to use images obtained from DICOM files in a Neural Network in Keras! (The Network didn't give me the results I wanted lol)


This week I... built and then broke apart a 500+ line component into separate files for logic and presentation, as well as making the widget look nice on desktop and mobile.


This week, I got to help mentor a bunch of extremely talented people on how to submit their first CFP πŸ€—


This week, I...

applied for lambda school and I have an interview with them next week!


This week, I wrote a dev.to post and worked on a video game tutorial book, great progress was made.