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Helm Rollback Command | How to use Helm Rollback Command

Rahul Wagh
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In this lab session, we are going to focus on how to use the "Helm rollback command". The rollback command is very useful if you want to go back to the previous revision of your helm chart. To roll back, you simply need to type the command - helm rollback your_release_name release_version and it will simply rollback to your previous version.

Here are the main key areas which we will target in this session on "How to use Helm upgrade command?"

  1. What is Helm rollback command?
  2. Syntax of Helm rollback command?
  3. How to create your first helm chart?
  4. How to make changes to your existing helm chart?
  5. How to run Helm upgrade command?
  6. How to run Helm rollback command?
  7. How to verify you have successfully rollbacked?

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